summer bulldogs

1stGenYale Summer Bulldogs

Given the pandemic, 1stGenYale alumni volunteers have been focusing on promoting job opportunities for our Yale College students and honored to work with Yale faculty, Yale College, and the Office of Career Strategy. 

We are proud to report that we have helped place 45 Yale College students on financial aid and most first-gen in 2021 summer research opportunities by Yale faculty for work on projects for AIDS, biostatistics, communication, cancer, COVID-19, education, environmental or global health, epidemiology, grant writing, information systems, mental health, social & behavioral sciences, safe sports, STEM teaching, and trauma with faculty from Yale School of Management, Yale School of Public Health, and professionals from several non-profits!

All students were funded by the Office of Career Strategy Student Experience Award (SEA) or from The Office of Fellowship Programs.

Our goal was to create for these students an opportunity to do research, have a window into a professional school and profession, and add research to their resumes and for possible applications to graduate school and future careers. 

To make it be a streamlined process for the faculty, we created a new system in which we directly solicited faculty for summer research projects, marketed these positions to students through an online application through our website Revêlo, recruited 20 alumni volunteers who worked with the faculty to create individual interviews, and followed up with confirmation letters. We will follow-up with more information once the 2021 summer is over.