1stGenYale Summer Bulldogs 2022

Come help current first-gen Yale College students!

Alumni, we need your help!

Join us to enable low-income Yale College students to secure meaningful jobs for the summer of 2022 — just by helping to schedule and coordinate interviews! The 1stGenYale Summer Bulldogs program sources summer internships with Yale faculty in the professional schools and with nonprofit sponsors. These internships are for Yale College students on financial aid, many of whom are first-generation. 

Come be part of a virtual interview team and work with a Yale faculty member or nonprofit professional sponsoring a 2022 summer internship. We received 76 proposals — about 50% more than the number last year — so we are asking more alumni volunteers to step up by January 18.

Here’s what we’re calling on you to do:

⇒ Attend a one-hour virtual training and info session in late January (date TBD)

⇒ Schedule virtual interviews into a two-week period, from Feb. 14 to Mar. 1

⇒ Assist with those initial interviews and, in early March, with any follow-up interviews

⇒ Opportunities may exist to mentor the students throughout the summer – stay tuned!

Because you will handle the interviewing steps, the sponsors will find it simple to select the student with the best fit. And the students get the chance at research projects, faculty mentorship, or nonprofit service they may not otherwise have had.

Want to join us and the other alums who have already said yes?

Reply to our 1stGenYaleSummerBulldogs@1stgenyale.org email by January 18.

Read more about the Summer Bulldogs program and testimonials in our 2021 report.