!stGenYale Summer Bulldogs

Everything You Need to Know about Your Internship Before You Start!

1stGenYale held a workshop to enable our 100+ Summer Bulldog 2022 interns to navigate and make the most of their summer internships. Moderated by Michael Watson ’81, a 1stGenYale board member, the workshop included advice from a student, a faculty member, and alumni.

Highlights of the workshop:
• Matthew Spiegel, Professor of Finance at the Yale School of Management, outlined keys to a successful summer experience and shared his life journey to becoming a professor.
• Josh Beale ’22, a 1stGenYale Summer Bulldog in 2021, discussed his research internship with Dr. Anne Harper at the School of Medicine. Using his personal experience as a beacon, Josh contributed significantly to research on the effects of debt on mental and physical wellbeing.