Funding Deadlines for 2022 Summer Funded Research

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1stGenYale Summer Bulldogs Funding Guide

Updated: 3.9.22

How to apply for fellowship funding

Once you know which internship research project(s) you want or have applied for at, begin searching for eligible summer fellowship funding. Search first in the Student Grants Database. For more information, ask questions via, or sign-up for a quick advising appointment in the Fellowships Office.

Fellowships to review include:

For some of these applications, you will need to put together a proposal, budget, and provide a letter of recommendation. You do not need to know if you have been selected for the project to be able to apply for a fellowship. Most fellowship deadlines are in early February and continue through early March. If you are applying for a research internship, then you should submit an academic recommendation from a Yale faculty member. Fellowship funding, which will vary by program and budget, is competitive and not guaranteed.

If you are not eligible to apply for the SEA since you previously received the SEA (formerly called the DSA), or if you need additional funding, check out these other possible funding sites which require applications with additional information.

How to apply for SEA funding

After you have accepted an internship offer, and if you are a Yale College student on financial aid and have not received a prior SEA or DSA, you are eligible to apply for the Student Experience Award (SEA) – Locate the application or log into Yale's Career Link, and select “Professional Experiences” located on the left-hand side of the screen.

Go to the Professional Experiences tab, then the Experiential Learning Type field, then select "Add New Experience" and roll to select “Submit Summer Experience Award Application.” Each SEA application requires a Host Organization Verification Form (HOVF) (located within the SEA application) that is completed, and signed by, the supervisor/mentor.

Download the HOVF from Career Link, fill in as much as you can as a courtesy to your sponsor, and email it immediately to your sponsor for completion and signature. Ask the sponsor to return the completed HOVF for you to upload (“Add Attachment”) within the SEA application. For SEA award questions, please contact OCS at and cc:

The SEA application is due no later than May 1, 2022.

Advice from OCS: Apply for Yale Fellowships simultaneously, not just for the SEA.

If you have any questions about this overall summer internship program, please email us at