belonging at Yale

Belonging at Yale

Yale’s vibrant community hosts a broad diversity of identities and ideas. We are connected by a common mission: to pursue excellence and improve the world, through scholarship, education, research, preservation, and practice. These aims are inseparable from a commitment to creating a community in which each individual can feel valued, engaged, and connected.

Belonging at Yale supports our community’s ongoing and long-term efforts to increase diversity, ensure equity, and enhance a sense of inclusion and belonging for everyone. In order to thrive, we must all communicate and collaborate in good faith, engage in critical reflection, hold ourselves and others accountable for our actions, and address any conflict that may arise. As it looks to the future, Belonging at Yale also draws on the work of generations of students, faculty, alumni, and staff who have striven and sacrificed to dismantle systemic deficiencies and let in greater light and truth.

The Yale community rejects any form of harassment, intimidation, discrimination, or abuse. We recognize that, as we share in the benefits of being part of this community, we also share a responsibility to strive for a culture in which each one of us feels welcomed and free to take risks, to seek our own potential, and to fully participate in the life of this remarkable institution. Together, we build belonging.