1st Gen Alumni conference at Yale

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1stGenYale: Looking Back to Move Forward | Yale Alumni News | Lise Chapman ’81 MBA, Barb Protacio ’81, and Michael Watson ’81 | May 3, 2023

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Who we are

We celebrate being among first in our families, and/or from underserved backgrounds, to graduate from college or graduate school.

❑ We represent all ages, genders,
and life experiences. We come together from diverse cultural, ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds as members of the Yale family.

❑ We network with a broad cross section of Yale alumni with BAs, Masters, and PhD degrees from all Yale Schools and work in numerous career fields and life professions.

❑ Learn more: 2022 1stGenYale Resource Card and 2021 Annual Report: tinyurl.com.

Join us

❑ Share your story with fellow alumni & students.

❑ Be inspired by leading alumni keynotes.

❑ Participate in alumni career and life skills panels.

❑ Network with current students across all schools.

❑ Spend special time with each other. Help us plan our future!

Thanks to over 85 alumni who completed the 23 Conference Participation Form!


Friday Night, April 28, 2023
Get-together for early attendees

Saturday, April 29, 2023
10am Registration/11am start with the program dinner ending at 9pm, followed by an after-party!
Click here for the program.

Sunday Morning, April 30, 2023 9:30am - 11:30am, Breakfast and a feedback/strategic planning session


Peter Salovey

Peter Salovey
’86 PhD

Indra Nooyi

Indra Nooyi ’80 MPPM

Gina Boswell

Gina Boswell ’89 MBA

Albert A. Garcia

Gilbert A. Garcia ’85 BA, CFA



Abhishek Agarwal, ’21 MBA


Clarence Agbi ’09 BS

Regina Bain

Regina Bain ’98 BA, ’01 MFA

Ben Bartolome

Ben Bartolome ‘16 BS


Marv Berenblum ’56 BA


Andrew Burgie ’87 BA


Lydia Burleson ’21 BA

J. C. Calderon

J. C. Calderón ’92 M.ARCH

Jonathan Camacho

Jonathan Camacho ’20 EMBA


Jun Chen ’20 MBA

Billy Cheung

Billy Cheung ’99 BA

Kimberly Goff-Crews

Linda Chin ’81 BA

Yuet Chu

Yuet Chu ’87 BA

Scott Clarke ’02 BA
Cory Combs

Cory Combs ’14 BA

Cheryl Contee

Cheryl Contee ’93 BA


Mayur Desai ’94 MPH, ’97PhD

Ouliana Ermolova

Ulyana Ermolova ’17 MFA


Hugo Faria ’86 BA


Danielle Guillen ’13 BA

Xiaoyan Huang

Xiaoyan Huang ’91 BS


Kimberly Jones ’00 BA

Jacquelyn Kaplan

Jacquelyn Kaplan ’99 BA

Alexander Kayne ’94 BA, ’97 JD
Igor Kirman

Igor Kirman ’93 BA

Lauren Koster

Lauren Koster ’12 BA

Karin Kricorian

Karin Kricorian ’94 BA

Peggy Kuo

Peggy Kuo ’85

Javaughn Lawrence

Javaughn Lawrence ’14 BS


Kristy Lamb ’12 PhD

Liana Leung

Liana Leung ’97 BS

Ariya McGrew

Ariya McGrew ’95 BA

Alondra Mejia
Alondra Mejia ’19 BA

Patricia Melton ’83 BA

Christian Milian-Santiago

Christian Milian-Santiago ’21 BA

Adolfo Mondragon

Adolfo Mondragón ’96 BA

Michele Pinder Moorman ’90 BA

Shiara Ortiz-Pujols ’98 BA

Allie Ossa

Allie Ossa ’11 BA


Victor Padilla-Taylor ’15 MAM

Allen Pan
Allen Pan ’08 BA
Yohanna Pepa

Yohanna Pepa ’14 BA


Valerie Popp ’02 BA

Yvette Soliz Rivers

Yvette Soliz Rivers ’96 BA

Dave Rudin

Dave Rudin ’85 MPhil

Juan Carlos Salinas

Juan Carlos Salinas ’03 MFA


Sam Samdani ’84 BS


Hugo Santillan ’15 MBA

Errol Saunders

Errol Saunders ’06 BA

J. B. Schramm

J. B. Schramm ’86 BA


Janna Wagner ’95 BA


Amber Walsh ’09 MBA

Derek Webster

Derek Webster ’99 BA


Alicia Whittington ‘06 MPH

Jay Wong

Jay Wong ’17 BA

Kiko Wong

Kiko Wong ’22 BS

Victor Zapana ’ BA

Victor Zapana ’11 BA

Huahao Zhou

Huahao Zhou ’22 BA


Esther Zirbel ’93 PHD

1stGenYale Alumni Volunteer Team

Lise Chapman

Lisa Chapman ’81 MBA

Michael Watson, Vice President

Michael Watson ’81 BA
Vice President


Barb Protacio ’81 BA
Vice President

Joanne Siu

Joanne Siu ’90 BA

Lydia Serrano

Lydia Serrano ’99 BA
Graphic Designer 

Suzanne Solensky

Suzanne Solensky ’83 BA 

Ann Freedman

Ann T. Freedman ’78 MHA & MPH, Fundraising

Grace Kim

Grace Kim ’22 BA
Graphic Designer

Stephanie Grilli

Stephanie Grilli ’80 PHD

Dave Rudin

Dave Rudin ’85 MPhil

Shiny Weerakoon

Shiny Weerakoon ’19 M.P.H.

Other Alumni Speakers

Weili Cheng

Weili Cheng ’77 BA

Kimberly Goff-Crews

Kimberly M. Goff-Crews
’83 BA ’86 JD

Xiaoyan Huang

Xiaoyan Huang ’91 BS


Parking is free in all Yale lots on Saturday. While there is no parking at the SOM building, 165 Whitney Avenue, there is available parking one block up and across the street from SOM in Yale Lot 16.

Hotel Reservations & Other Accommodations

We have blocks of rooms available for participants.
Call the hotel directly or use the link to make your reservations.
Lower rates may be available if you reserve early.

The Graduate

1151 Chapel Street, New Haven

10 rooms for April 28-30, 2023
Group rate of $269
Rolling deadline. 

❑ Room Block Reservation Link 

❑ Graduate Hotels Site

Hotel Marcel

500 Sargent Drive, New Haven

7 King/3 Queen for $199 until March 31, 2023

❑ Room Block Reservation Link

Group code: GEN1
Direct Phone 203-780-7800
All other questions: Customer Care Line at 1-800-HILTONS (1-800-445-8667). For guests outside of the U.S., dial (00-1-800-445-8667)

Marriott Courtyard
New Haven

30 Whalley Avenue, New Haven, CT

25 Kings at $189 rate
10 Double Queen at 199 rate
Reservation: 203-777-6221, or

Room Block Reservation Link

Reference 1st Gen Conference Yale 2023
Last Day to Book: Friday, April 14, 2023

Marriott Courtyard
Orange / Milford

229 George Street, New Haven

10 rooms:
5 King at $179 rate;
5 Queen at $184 rate;
Fri night - Sun morn, Apr 28-30, 2023
30-day cutoff with code “FirstGenYale.”

Room Block Reservation Link

New Haven Hotel

229 George Street, New Haven

10 rooms:
5 King at $179 rate;
5 Queen at $184 rate;
Fri night - Sun morn, Apr 28-30,2023
30-day cutoff with code “FirstGenYale.”

Room Block Reservation Link

New Haven Hotel Site

The Study at Yale

1157 Chapel Street, New Haven
866-930-1157 toll free 

25 rooms blocked $259 single & $259 double blocked until April 3, 2023 Reference 1stGenYale when speaking with our agents.

❑ Room Block Reservation Link


The Study at Yale site

Accommodation Coordination

Those interested in sharing an AirB&B or looking for a hotel roommate may contact Stephanie Grilli '80 PhD: stephgrilli9@gmail.com. Indicate if you want to stay Friday night, Saturday night, or both. For those wanting to book a hotel, include which one/s you prefer. 

Those interested in an AirB&B  will be connected with each other and will then have to make their own arrangements. This service only facilitates sharing and roommates. It does not make reservations or secure accommodations.


Questions: 1stgenyale@1stgenyale.org



All events will be held at the:Yale School of Management, 165 Whitney Avenue, New Haven, except where indicated.

In-Person Only

This is an in-person event at Yale and will not be able to be live-streamed.

Ticket Sales

All ticket sales are final. We are not able to give refunds.


There will be a variety of selections including gluten-free, vegetarian, and dairy-free options. Lunch and dinner on Saturday and a light breakfast on Sunday are included in the conference ticket.

Increase Equity, Access, and Engagement

1stGenYale's mission is to increase equity, access, and engagement for our alumni and students. As a result, we would like to increase alumni volunteer engagement opportunities for you with Yale in addition to your involvement with us. Kindly let us know by completing the information in the ticket purchase and registration section.

Consent to Use of Photographic and Video Images

By registering for, attending, or participating in this event, I grant my permission to 1stGenYale, the Yale Alumni Association (YAA), and/or Yale University to photograph my image (and that of my minor guest, if permitted to attend) and the right to use and reproduce such images in all media, including digital and video media, for the purpose of promoting 1stGenYale, Yale University, and the YAA programs and events, and other purposes in accordance with Yale’s mission. I understand that I will have no approval rights with respect to the use of these images.

Special Consideration

We hope to have a small amount of donated funds available to support alumni who are in mission-driven, non-profit, or public service work and need financial assistance to attend the conference via bus or train service in the tri-state region. Please send your written request to 1stgenyale@1stgenyale.org no later than April 17, 2023. We ask you to acknowledge that you will give our gift back to the Yale first-gen low-income students community when you are able.


If you would like to make a donation, go to 1stgenyaledonate.

Thank you.