1st Gen Alumni conference at Yale

The Donors

Thank you to all our donors, who had a critical role helping alumni volunteers in creating our 1stGenYale Alumni Conference — Being the First, But Not the Last. Your financial support and gifts-in-kind made all the difference. This is our donor list as of April 24, 2023. If you would like to make a donation, go to 1stgenyaledonate. Thank you. We appreciate all your support.


Kevin Ryan ‘85


Gifts $1,000 or More
Lise Chapman ’81 M.B.A.
Sharon Cohen Hessney ’74 B.A.
John and Jackie Hullar ’79 B.A.
Ken Inodami ’76 B.A.
Alexander Kayne ’94 B.A. and ’97 J.D.
Michael Watson ’81 B.A.
Joan O'Meara Winant ’73 B.A.
Yale — Belonging at Yale. Office of the Secretary and Vice President for University Life at Yale
Yale Alumni Association
Yale School of Management


Gifts < $999 or Less
Abhishek Agarwal ’21 M.B.A.
Ellen Ahn ’90 B.A.
Marvin and Susan Berenblum ’56 B.A.
John Boak ’70 B.A.
Andrew Burgie ’87 B.A.
Jonathan Camacho ’20 E.M.B.A.
Campus Customs
Charlotte Foundation
Rocky Chin ’71 M.C.P.
Yuet Chu ’87 B.A.
Mayur Desai ’94 M.P.H. and ’97 Ph.D.
Alicia Floyd ’05 B.A.
Ann T. Freedman ’78 M.P.H. and M.H.A.
Bradford Galiette ’08 B.S., ’12 M.S. and ’11 M.B.A.
Xiaoyan Huang ’91 B.S.
Ted Jaditz ’79 B.A. and Leigh Riddick 
Nik Khakee ’96 M.P.P.M.
Deana Kizer ’81 M.P.P.M.
Michele Lew ’92 B.A.
Rachel Littman ’91 B.A.
Glenda Martinez ’87 B.A.
Patricia Melton ’83 B.A.
Michele Pinder Moorman ’90 B.A.
Alex Nava ’13 B.A.
Allie Ossa ’11 B. A.
Hugo Santillan ’15 M.B.A.
Joanne Siu ’90 B.A.
Suzanne Solensky ’83 B.A.
The Study at Yale
The Yale Club of New York City

In Memoriam

We extend our condolences to the families and friends of members of the 1stGenYale community. We gratefully acknowledge the families who recognized their loved ones by designating the 1stGenYale shared alumni group as a recipient of memorial gifts.

Naomi Jefferson
Aunt of Cassandra Garner-Vaughan ’87 B.A.