Career Insights for Aspiring K-12 Teachers

Three Yale alumni shared their insights about teaching with other alums who are considering becoming teachers themselves or who are already in the classroom.

Ana Barros ’18 is a 6th grade social studies teacher in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is originally from Brazil and grew up in Venezuela and Panama before migrating to the United States at age 14. She has been a middle school educator for 3 years.

Errol C. Saunders II, BR ‘06, is a history teacher and the Executive Director of Pathfinder at Hopkins School, an enrichment program that prepares students from New Haven public and parochial schools for high school success. He is a fifth-year doctoral student in Curriculum and Teaching at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Jacqui Kaplan, DC ’99, is an English teacher, novelist, mom, and Girl Scout leader living in Sandy Hook, CT. She has been teaching English in the public high schools since 2003 after the briefest flirtation (and subsequent falling out) with a career in law.

Our program was designed and moderated by Sherry Ann Morgenstern ‘19. Sherry Ann has taught 5th and 6th grade math, science, and religion, and is currently pursuing a Master of Education degree at the University of Virginia.

The recording is available on the 1stGenYale YouTube channel: