How to Be Happy & Content as a Yalie

Angela Choi ’12 held a 90-minute journey in self-discovery for over 125 alumni. The workshop was designed for anyone who might answer yes to any of these questions:

• Have you checked off all the boxes – completed grad school, hit a 6-figure salary, and/or received the promotion you desperately wanted – yet you still feel like something’s missing on the inside?
• Do you feel like you’re “not enough,” because you haven’t checked off all the boxes or because you’re seeing others’ accomplishments on LinkedIn and social media?
• Have you done everything that others expected of you but are now wondering, “Is this how I actually want to live my life?”

Angela Choi, a purpose and fulfillment coach, helps driven professionals and conscious entrepreneurs overcome limiting beliefs to fulfill their purpose. Her coaching stems from experiences and lessons learned over a decade of finding her purpose through the corporate, start-up, and nonprofit worlds across the United States, Africa, Asia, and Europe, all while juggling self-judgment, familial pressure, and societal expectations. Sign up for Angela’s FREE guide 6 Steps to Living Your Purpose at