1stGenYale Summer Bulldogs

2023 Summer Bulldogs

Welcome to our 2023 Summer Bulldogs Internship Program!

We are proud to announce that we will be offering our 1stGenYale Summer Bulldogs for our fourth year in a row! Our program connects talented Yale College students with summer internships in non-profits, government and public service, the Arts, education, STEM research…and now, in for-profit companies! 

In summary, both the non-profit sponsor and company* sponsors can select diverse, hardworking, and curious Yale College students to work with them for 240 hours this coming summer. Their work can be in-person, virtual, or a hybrid. *(Companies can employ interns for their normal work hours of 40 hours per week.)

Yale College students on financial aid — most are first in their families to go to college —  who apply for work at non-profit, arts, and government organizations can apply for funding through Yale’s fellowships and awards offerings. This gives them the opportunity to work at organizations that would not otherwise be able to pay. As a result, there is no direct budgetary impact for the sponsoring organization.

Other first-gen low-income Yale College students can apply to our for-profit company internships. The company sponsor will pay competitive remuneration. Here they will be given the opportunity to work in diverse businesses and contribute to their work product in finance, marketing, operations, and other areas.

Over the last three years, we have placed 150 Yale College students on financial aid, with 66% being first-generation, in internships for non-profits, government service, the arts, and STEM research at universities throughout the United States and internationally.

1stGenYale, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, relies on donations to operate our Summer Bulldogs program.


Beyond being inspiring, sponsors have found many satisfying aspects, including:

  • “They actually helped to change our organization.”
  • “Their energy and thoughts added to the team, and the incredibly high-quality work product and effort they put in.”
  • The intern’s “interests have sparked my own, and we are both emerging as better thinkers and writers because of the 1stGenYale Summer Bulldogs program.” 

For the Sponsoring Organization, the 1stGenYale Summer Bulldogs Alumni Volunteer Team offers:

  • “Back Office” support so sponsors only have to make the interview/hiring decisions.
  • Marketing internships to Yale College first-gen/low-income students.
  • Soliciting student resumes, transcripts, and a short essay.
  • Scheduling a focused time block for student interviews.
  • Confirming that the student(s) follow through with applying for possible Yale funding.
  • Hosting an internship training workshop for interns and one for sponsors.
  • Checking in with the students over the summer.

Sponsoring organizations open opportunities well beyond our students’ expectations. Following their summer assignments, many of our students received on-going paid work in labs or non-profit organizations, which they continued to do in-person or virtually. 

Sponsor Invitation, Non-profit

Sponsor Invitation, For-profit


Several students had their research published in scientific and research journals — for their very first time. We found that most of our student interns approached their fall semester with an increased directed focus for coursework, sought related work-study experience, and reflected on what they learned during their summer internship. 

Many students expressed the same thoughts: 

  • “Appreciated the opportunity to explore their career interests and passions in depth.”
  • “Gained valuable “real world” experience, insights, and real hands-on skills.”
  • “Contributed to the organization in meaningful ways.”
  • “Valued the advice and guidance from caring sponsors and Yale alumni

“The 1stGenYale Summer Bulldogs internships were so much more accessible than finding a research internship on my own. It was easy to browse the internship options and found ones I was interested in, and the process for applying was so smooth that I felt like I could do it. Usually, finding a summer internship is so stressful and I don’t ever know where to start, so this was honestly so helpful for me.

“1stGenYale Summer Bulldogs gave me access to my first research experience ever, and I’m so grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with other sociologists this summer.” – Anna Hartshorne ’24

Student Invitation for Internships

Student Infographic

About 1stGenYale

Now in our 6th year, 1stGenYale’s mission supports first-generation low-income Yale alumni by creating a community to connect, share, and support each other and students through intentional programming creating this internship program. By celebrating cultural, ethnic, racial, gender, and thought diversity, we provide our 5,000 alumni & students with a home of inclusion, opportunity, and lifelong friendships to have a positive impact on the lives of our students and fellow alumni– all in tandem with Yale and the Yale Alumni Association mission.