Four people sitting in back of a table, talking to a seated audience with display screens on the wall behind the panelists

Is a Career in Public Health Right for Me? 2023

Organized by Annie Freedman ’78 MPH & MHA and co-sponsored by 1stGenYale and the Yale School of Public Health, this session informed students about the types of public health jobs and the degrees needed for them.

The session, held in the Sterling Memorial Library lecture hall, explored:

  • Public health options and professional opportunities available at Yale University
  • Academic requirements for three-degree categories (MPH, PhD, and MS), and the areas of study
  • Nuts and bolts of the admissions process, and resources within the Yale community
  • Information on the 1stGenYale 2023 Summer Bulldogs Program, which allows Yale College students to explore public health and gain work experience

A panel of Yale students, alumni, faculty, and professional staff answered attendees’ questions and provided insights, resources, experiences, and stories:

  • Kaveh Khoshnood PhD & MPH, associate professor of epidemiology
  • Mary Keefe, director of admissions
  • Avery Naperala, MPH candidate
  • Paulina Kaminski, recent BA and MPH graduate
  • Melanie Elliot, director of admissions, graduate student affairs
  • Felicia Spencer, director of career services
  • Katerina Santiago, MPH and PhD student

For more information about opportunities, look at these resources:,, and

Paulina Kaminski, one of the panelists, noted: “It was such a pleasure to share my Yale BA/MPH and career experiences with current students and I look forward to continuing the partnership in the future.”

Four people seated at a table with one person gesturing and talking to an audience
Seven people seated at long tables on the left with one person standing and talking to an audience of about ten people who are seated on the right
One person seated at a table gesturing and talking to an audience with one person on either side of her and a display screen on the wall behind her