Explore Funded Internships with Yale Faculty Sponsors

Kicking off the third year of the 1stGenYale Summer Bulldogs program, this webinar was designed for both Yale College students and faculty or other sponsors interested in learning how to connect with eligible Yale College students on financial aid for summer 2022 work in the sciences, arts, education, or public service. 

Several 2021 Yale College student interns, faculty members, and alumni talked about participating in the program last summer. We also discussed funding provided by the Yale Office of Career Strategy’s Summer Experience Award (SEA) (https://ocs.yale.edu/channels/summer-experience-award/) and the Yale Fellowships and Funding office (https://funding.yale.edu/).
Background: Reacting to the pandemic’s sudden loss of summer jobs in 2020, 1stGenYale created the Summer Bulldogs program to connect Yale College students on financial aid, many of whom are first generation, to internship opportunities in two ways: (1) sourcing summer internships with Yale faculty in the professional schools and nonprofit sponsors, and (2) identifying Yale’s funding options. Since 2020, 50 students have engaged in our summer internships, funded by $177,000 from Yale. 

To learn more about the 1stGenYale Summer Bulldogs program, visit https://1stgenyale.org/2021/02/16/1stgenyale-summer-bulldogs/ and read our final 2021 report.